The debut jewellery collection - Es-u là ? by Mith - A limited edition of 9 handmade in France wicked creations




Mith is a creative studio based in Paris, France.

In 2010, founder Emilie Mischler started as an upcycler and upgrader, breathing new life into vintage fabrics and end­of­rolls of Haute­Couture houses. Her eco­friendly ready­to­wearcollections, exclusively composed of handmade one­offs, were soon sold all­over the globe.

In just 4 short years, the label has spread its wings and now offers limited­edition jewelry and accessories, illustrations or collabs with other brands.

The house's signature? A strong ethical commitment based on local, sustainable and handmade crafts, and above all, a style that, rich of eclectical inspirations, always remains recognizable, thanks to its paradoxs and its contradictions: between lightness and edginess, feminity and boldness, innocence and insolence, retro recollections and hip twists.

the founder

Renaissance woman and busy bee Emilie Mischler was 22 when she founded Mith.

Since her youngest age, she has always been using her 10 eager fingers to craft herself some clothes and accessories that would feed a bold universe and a sharp sense of style.

As an adult, an advertising creative career led her to orchestrate campaigns for prestigious fashion behemoths such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld or Lacoste.

Today, Mith enables her to put together these two passions of hers: design and brand­building. Both a designer and a communication strategist, she makes use of the synergy of her creative skills for her own label and for other brands.


One-off clothing & jewellery
Handmade in Paris, France.
© 2010